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Accurate Business Communications helps businesses assess and develop branded marketing strategies. We concentrate on your brand in evaluating clear and consistent communications.
The lead consultant, Chandler Turner, has been involved in sales and marketing for more than 40 years. His training, from major corporations and smaller companies, along with a lot of field experience, is in the vital area of communication psychology. It has taught him that the best way to define and launch a brand is to take time on strategic brand planning before attempting to use marketing tactics.


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Though they look different today, and in fact the individual brands are owned by different companies, here are some of the products I used to represent. Scott Paper Company introduced baby wipes to the market with their hugely successful Baby Fresh brand. But they had two brand failures (Read More)

Remember Job Squad Paper Towels? We had them too. Job Squad was not a favorite of consumers, and should serve as a fantastic reminder of how a large company can make a brand design error. What was the problem? People wanted absorbency in paper towels. However, Job Squad was made mostly of artificial fibers that were not absorbent. They would move water, but not soak it up. They were the toughest "paper" towel on the market, but did not do what the consumer wanted from that product. Whoops!

Scott Paper Company had a fantastic idea with paper towels, or so they thought. They introduced a smaller towel called Scottowel Juniors, which had smaller sheets. The rolls were shorter and it required a new size of paper towel holder or a converter in the form of a clear plastic tube. And consumers hated both ideas. What replaced it? A large percentage of paper towels today are the same old length roll, but the sheets are perforated, giving us the smaller sheets many of us wanted. Same idea, different package; one failed and the other succeeded.

The most important thing is why. The first change was too dramatic and offered a poor user experience. Scott asked consumers to do too much. It was too difficult. Perforated towels were the answer. It answered the desire and was less trouble.