Profile of Bad Website Content Design

The highest risk of failure in website ownership is due to bad written content. 

Effective communications should lead readers to the proper perspective of value propositions.   We have been engaged in [tooltip title="Information Optimization" content="Proper presentation of information that allows you to leverage as much influence as possible on the person who is reading the content." type="info" ]Information Optimization[/tooltip] and [tooltip title="User Experience" content="The feeling that a person has after they had the chance to interact with you or your marketing materials. You should be after the most positive experience possible." type="info" ]User Experience[/tooltip] Design for over 35 years.

What does ineffective content look like? Here you go!

value proposition

Marketing speak makes prospects feel like they are navigating a nightmare. What do they do about it? They leave.

Here is an example: “We are an innovative firm* - who doesn’t claim this – with a proven track record*  – everyone has a provable track recordas a solid service provide*rif you fulfill any need, you have provided a service and it is no big deal.  We offer a dynamic approach*what the heck does that mean? – to delivering world-class service*as defined by whom? -  through a collaborative approach*you wouldn’t just do it without me, would you – so that our clients receive outstanding customer experiences*they had better be or you are out.

What else is missing?

Do you see a prominent value proposition anywhere in that paragraph? There isn’t one. There is no substance. Therefore, the information is not optimized. If your company has this junk-language or marketing-speak in any marketing materials, the material will not attract prospects. Conversion rates will be poor.

*Thank you Jeff Haden of Blackbird Media for  this wonderful list of marketing-speak terms.

We started using the techniques like [tooltip title="Neuro Linguistic Programming" content="NLP – This is a process of connecting neurological processes of language with behavioral patterns learned through experience. This can be organized in many ways to achieve a desired goal. Fragments of the pseudo-science have been molded and used within the sales and marketing industry to effectuate good user experience for years, especially laddering theory from which this comes indirectly." type="info" ]Neuro Linguistic Programming[/tooltip] and [tooltip title="Psycholinguistics" content="The study of the influence of psychological factors on the development, use, and interpretation of language." type="info" ]Psycholinguistics[/tooltip]  beginning in the 1970′s and have continued to study and train in their applications. Recently I have been studying in the area of Human [tooltip title="Cognition" content="The study of the manner in which human beings and other animals process simple and complex information within their brains." type="info" ]Cognition[/tooltip] – how our brain receives and processes information. Like Steven Covey said, you have to “sharpen the saw”. I keep it sharpened.

It is not what you say, but how you say it that counts

We consider everything from wire frame issues to search engine optimization (SEO) to search engine marketing (SEM). Very few people have these skill sets.