August 5, 2016

The User Experience of Business Cards

Did you catch the title? What does it mean? The answer is EVERYTHING. I cannot believe that so many people screw up business cards so badly, […]
July 19, 2016

User Experience and Listening to Your IT Professional

Excellent user and brand experience: never forget that they they include every facet of customer service. My IT professional warned me, but I forgot! And it was costing […]
July 12, 2016

Branding – What You See Triggers How You Feel

I talk to people every day about branding. Very often I hear something like this” We just had our logo and stationary designed, and our business […]
March 29, 2016

Basic Small Business Branding

Basic Small Business Branding Basic small business branding is one of the most overlooked of all business start-up categories. The overwhelming majority of people think that […]