SEO and SEM Language

Yosemite Falls Stream

You may not be ready for a raging river of new contacts.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization and SEM – Search Engine Marketing are Web based methods of helping to make sure that people flow to your Website like a river. How do you choose the best method? Choosing one or more are always a matter of strategy and budget.

We help you make informed decisions on your choice and budget for search engine optimization. Accurate Business Communications may handle some of this work in-house. We also use third party providers that we know to be trustworthy.

We help you decide the following:

Do you need search engine optimization? Do you need search engine marketing on a local basis? Do you need target marketing? Do you need a PPC (Pay Per Click) program? Do you need directory placement? Do you need social media integration? Do you need video for YouTube?

Key Components – Key Words or Key Phrases? 

The answer is more complex than meets the eye, but generally, it should be key phrases. Why? There is too much competition for one word. Unless you are a giant corporation, or unless the word is not often used, you don’t stand much of a chance of having your site found for one word.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be simple or complex. it is amazing what simple applications can do for search results. Search engines look for many things, all of which have different weights. Key words are still important, though the importance of their location has shifted weight from page copy to meta, anchor, title, and image areas.

Where should you start? Start with a search keyword report from a local provider like Accurate Business Communications that will help you zero in on the right key words for your business.